Corporate Package

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Every Company, Organization or Government Department must have the Official Website to highlight their Professionalism images. Through a website or Portal, any product or service can be delivered in a clean, easy and beautiful manner.

You may not sell physical products, but still need to highlight your organization's image.

Through this package, i'm offer:

Responsive Layout; mobile and PC friendly
Unlimited menu; Picture gallery, video, portfolio, chart, blog or promotion
Contact Form; special for your customers who want to ask via Email.
Google Maps; The location of your physical organization
Slide show; Slideshow of your product
Email Account; Your domain name
Payment Gateway; if needed
Link to Social Media & Whatsapp
Training; Manage your own website

UAT 1 Month
Includes Domain + Hosting costs

There are also some Free & Special services for you.

Contact me for more information!



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