Why Your Biz Websites Need To Be On Google First Page

1st Page

Google, you not only trust it but you need it to facilitate your search on the website. Very powerful
and influential, it can determine which websites are relevant and determine the ranking of each web page.
Surely you think your small business will not be able to be on the first page of google, but you are wrong.
By making sure your website meets Google's criteria, you will find your site is there every time with the right "keyword"!

I share 4 reasons why your business website needs to be on the first page of google search

Introducing Your Business To New Customers

It is important for your business website to be on the first page, imagine you have a physical store, you will build it
on a busy road or quiet? Surely a busy road gets you more customers, right?
Google has 167 Billion searches per month, so being the first page is the same as building a busy side street store.

Showing Your Online Business Presence

Not only many online people today, but they use the internet to make purchase decisions.
In fact, 81% of buyers are doing online research before buying. With reviews, maps, ratings, and descriptions,
Google search engine results pages provide just so much information-before users click on the results!
Whether people click on your site or not, being on the first page of Google is important because
put your business in front of the person looking for it. It's like your business on the busiest road
in a city full of customers who might be interested in your business.

Increase Traffic to Your Business Website

The first page of Google generates about 10 search results, and since 91% of users never go to the second page,
it seems that 10 of these results are enough. Just by being on the first page, the user will click to surf  your business websites. Not on the first page as if your business does not exist!

Increase Customer Trust to Your Business

First and foremost, Google is a widely-used and trusted platform for users to search,
being on the first page of Google is like telling people that your site are trusted by Google.
If the user trusts Google, and Google trusts you, the user automatically trusts your website!

Being on the first page of Google, or simply improving your ranking, is possible, even for small businesses.
It requires work and time, but it is one of the most important things you can do
for your business.
I am providing services to build websites for business, corporate and others, every website I develop
will be determined to meet Google's required criteria for grabbing the first page.
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