Facebook For Woocommerce : Expand Your e-Commerce Empire!


You are an online dealer, you sell on Facebook page, Instagram even in Whatsapp App to maximize
sales of your products. In the end you have an e-Commerce website to highlight your own classes
and build confidence for your customer.

Having an e-Commerce website is the smartest thing you do in building your business empire.

However, you have a little bit of trouble when you need to update your product on e-Commerce and Facebook pages
whereas it is the same product! You do it over and over and its time comsuming.

I offer a plugin to make it easy for you to work, all you need is to update the product on the e-Commerce page and
it will also synchronize on your Facebook Pages: Facebook For Woocommerce.

Your time can be used for other purposes like promotion or blog writing

Customers who visited your Pages only need to go to the "Shop" menu to select the product, and press
"Checkout On Website" button to resume purchases on your e-Commerce site. Easy!

You actually sell in two mediums simultaneously with time savings while making your customers having a smooth
experince doing business with you.

Contact me to get this plugin for FREE if you use my service to develope
e-Commerce page for you or if you already have an e-Commerce page and need this plugin, I will
charge a small amount of money to setup it on your site but make sure you are using Woocommerce.

Visit my website for more info and packages: www.thesites.com.my/en
Whatsapp for any questions: www.wasap.my/60189499690

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