"Order Via Whatsapp" : Another Payment Option For e-Commerce


Noticed, many online shoppers in Malaysia like to ask a variety of questions before buying? Perhaps you feel lazy to answer repeat questions from customers, but are you ready to lose such a customer?
If you do not mind, Okey ... stop reading this article, if not, continue reading. There is something interesting to you to consider.

You are definitely familiar with the term FPX, Transfer Bank or COD for trading with e-Commerce websites, what if I offer one more option, called "Order Via Whatsapp". Your customers can now contact you before they buy.

Who fit this option?

Suitable for your e-Commerce site if you do not have FPX, through this "Order Via Whatsapp", you can share payment information with your potential customers by "Chat".

Also, if you already have FPX, but still want to sell by Whatsapp. You can offer more than one payment option to them.

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